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Our Story

Dance With Me Studio was started by Sheri Baum in the basement of her home in the fall of 1996.  She planned to have no more than forty students.  As word of Sheri's amazing teaching, encouraging demeanor, and dancing heart traveled, the studio grew larger than she ever imagined (and bigger than her basement could handle!)  Sheri bought and renovated a building to be her new studio, and we still dance in that space today! After fifteen wonderful years as owner and director of DWM, Sheri retired in 2011.  It was at this time that the studio was taken over by Michelle Buseman.  Michelle ran the studio for six years, carrying on the legacy of quality and heart-filled dancing while teaching high school Spanish full time and taking care of her family. 


In 2015, a former student and assistant, Kaitlin Boelman, returned to Dance With Me as an instructor and choreographer.  During her second year as a teacher, she decided to take the leap and purchase the studio.  She became owner and director in June 2017, keeping the original traditions alive: great dancing, family-atmosphere, and positive attitude.  We are now beginning our twenty-third season with over 120 amazing students!

Our mission

At DWM Studio, we strive to promote positive behavior through encouraging and challenging dance education.  We aim to teach correct dance technique in a multitude of styles while simultaneously teaching teamwork, confidence, and social skills. 


As part of DWM studio, dancers are given the opportunity to perform in our annual recital, community events, and competitive settings throughout the midwest, participate in social activities such as dance camps, movie nights, and lock-ins, and have a second home & dance family.    We are so fortunate to have so many amazing people be part of our story, and we would love to be a part of yours!

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