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At Dance With Me, our instructors and assistants make weekly lessons individually tailored to each class.  We base our classes on a syllabus that works through each dance style in a progression that makes dancers of any age successful.  Our tumbling/acro program is based on the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, an internationally recognized progression system for safe instruction.


Our dance classes are level based, meaning that we separate our classes by age AND ability.  Classes contain dance technique and choreography appropriate for their age and awareness.



At DWM, we believe that dancers should be well-rounded.  This is why we teach our base styles (tap, ballet, and jazz) in combo classes. 


Ballet is the base for all styles of dance.  Our ballet is influenced by the Cecchetti and RAD training systems. One of our main goals for our dancers is to be knowledgeable on the movement and meaning associated with French ballet vocabulary. 



Tap is a percussive dance style. Not only do tap dancers learn how to put on a show and give a great perfomance, they learn rhythm, musicality, and how tapping can add to a piece of music.  Our tap lexicon is based on Al Gilbert Tap Technique.


Jazz is a dance style categorized by it's use of turns, leaps, and energetic performance. It is a dance style easy to recognize, but difficult to define!  Jazz dance is always changing and evolving, but it is typically performed to upbeat music with strong movements.



Pointe is for advanced ballet dancers who wish to take their technique and education to the next level.  Pointe is one of the most difficult and strenuous styles of dance. 


Clogging is a North American folk dance style that is often compared to tap dancing.  While tap and clog are similar, they have many differences!  Clogging classes are very popular at DWM, with about 1/3 of our dancers taking a clogging class. 


Hip Hop classes are high energy! They help build stamina, strength, and flexibility, while learning both modern and classical styles.



Pom is a style of dance characterized by clean and precise movements, level and visual effects, and strong leaps, jumps, and turns.  Pom is an option for dancers who also take a jazz class.


Our tumbling classes are based on the Acrobatic Arts syllabus, a internationally recognized system.  With this program, we teach the progressions necessary to move from forward rolls to aerials, and everything in between!

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